Honeywell’s Smart Refrigeration Solution Enables Danfoss To Optimize Store Performance And Improve Energy Efficiency

Date: 11 December 2020
Honeywell’s Smart Refrigeration Solution Enables Danfoss To Optimize Store Performance And Improve Energy Efficiency
Honeywell announced that Danfoss, a global provider of refrigeration solutions, will incorporate Honeywell’s proprietary Smart Refrigeration Solution (SRS) into its cloud-based platform. The SRS system, which uses thermodynamic and refrigeration-based algorithms to review and analyze commercial refrigeration data, will provide Danfoss customers with a solution that will enable energy savings, and improved refrigeration system performance. 

Using predictive and preventative analytics, the SRS system recommends specific adjustments for the customer to save money by reducing energy spend, and avoiding unplanned maintenance while improving case performance.The innovative system was developed by Honeywell whose environmentally preferable solutions include Solstice N40, the world’s most widely adopted, LGWP replacement refrigerant for R-404A in the supermarket industry, with more than 30,000 installations in supermarkets globally.

Danfoss will incorporate the SRS system into its newly launched Alsense IoT platform, which provides food retail professionals with intuitive software tools and data-driven, expert-enabled insights to optimize operational efficiency, refrigeration asset performance, and energy efficiency.

“The addition of the Smart Refrigeration Solution into our Alsense portfolio will allow us to meet the needs of commercial refrigeration customers, and provide a proactive solution to issues such as unplanned cooling system downtime and inefficiencies in energy consumption,” said Jürgen Fischer, President of Danfoss Cooling System. “Combined with Alsense, the solution will provide managers with key issues in their refrigeration system that will enable them to take action and reduce unplanned maintenance and hence reduce their maintenance spend.”

“The Smart Refrigeration Solution goes beyond the traditional monitoring systems that primarily provide data alerts and alarms by proactively identifying operating issues and providing actionable insights to fix them,This improves overall refrigeration system performance and reduces energy consumption,”said Chris LaPietra, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Stationary Refrigerants. “Given Honeywell’s position as a leader in refrigeration technology with deep domain expertise, this solution was optimal for Danfoss, a leading end-to-end refrigeration controls player with natural access to its controller technology, and will give customers better access to optimize store performance.”

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