Hoshizaki Has Acquired an Italian commercial ice maker Brema

Date: 19 January 2022

Through Hoshizaki Europe Holdings B.V., a consolidated subsidiary in Europe, Hoshizaki company has decided to acquire all the shares of Brema Group S.p.A. (hereinafter referred to as Brema), an Italian commercial ice machine manufacturer, and make it a subsidiary. In the future, with the addition of his Brema company to the Group, Hoshizaki will aim to become the No. 1 market share for commercial ice machines in Europe.
Brema is a commercial ice machine manufacturing and sales company based in Italy, and with its strength in a wide product lineup centered on popular price ranges, it actively expands its business not only in Italy but also in Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, and Middle Eastern countries. We are doing it. Our commercial ice machine business in Europe was developed mainly in high-priced products in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Northern Europe, etc., but by making Brema a subsidiary this time, our company's high price Bremen's popular price range products will be added to the price range products, and we can expect complementary synergies in the product portfolio and sales expansion to Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, and Middle Eastern countries.
Hoshizaki will continue to actively invest in overseas businesses, including his M & A, expand existing businesses and expand into business areas, aiming to become the global No. 1 food service business.