Hoshizaki Launched Static Cooling Commercial Refrigerators in India

Date: 16 December 2019
Hoshizaki Launched Static Cooling Commercial Refrigerators in India
Hoshizaki Launched Static Cooling Commercial Refrigerators in India
HOSHIZAKI Corporation's subsidiary WESTERN REFRIGERATION PVT. LTD. (hereinafter, Western) released a range of static cooling*1 commercial refrigerators onto the Indian market in October 2019.
Western has been selling air-cooled*1 commercial refrigerators, and they have been very well received on the Indian market. However, particularly in provincial cities in India, where there is stronger customer demand for lower prices and power failures are more frequent, static cooling refrigerators tend to be more popular because they are typically less expensive and the compartment temperature can stay cooler longer even during power failures.
Furthermore, in India, static cooling refrigerators are in many cases manufactured manually in sheet metal plants in rural areas, leading to unstable quality.
Under these circumstances, leveraging its strengths of having development, production and sales functions in India, Western has commenced the manufacture and sale of static cooling commercial refrigerators for the first time*2 as an Indian refrigerator manufacturer.
HOSHIZAKI aims to raise its international profile as a food service equipment manufacturer by continuing to actively launch products that respond to the needs of each respective market.
Static cooling refrigerator: The condenser is located in side walls of the refrigerator, and the compartment is cooled directly from the cooled surfaces.
Air-cooled refrigerator: The condenser is mounted at the top of the refrigerator compartment, and the fan circulates cool air inside the compartment by forced convection.

Product, new technology, and development features

1. Cooling performance
• Unlike typical static cooling refrigerators, the product has a cold air circulation fan installed in the compartment. The fan allows for more efficient air circulation during energization, compared to other static cooling refrigerators.
• Static cooling refrigerators can keep cooling for longer hours even after power failure, compared to air-cooled refrigerators.

 2. Functionality
• The product comes with locks on the doors as standard, to ensure food safety and prevent food theft.
• Integrated door handles allow for easy opening and closing regardless of the height of users; universal design.

 3. Durability
• The fridge’s main body and the upper cooling unit are integrated into one body, reducing deformation during transportation and use.

 4. Easiness to clean
• The curved surface finish of the refrigerator compartment allows for easy cleaning and helps to avoid leaving unwiped spots.

Lineup and release schedule - 8 models in total
• Upright refrigerator/freezer, 4 models: To be released successively from October 2019 Horizontal refrigerator/freezer, 4 models: To be released by the end of fiscal 2020

Target customers - Restaurants

*1 Difference between static cooling refrigerators and air-cooled refrigerators

*2 According to research by Western

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