Hussmann Acquires Assets of Exxeno LLC

Date: 08 January 2019
Hussmann Acquires Assets of Exxeno LLC
Hussmann Services Corporation, a Panasonic company, has announced the acquisition of certain assets of Exxeno LLC for an undisclosed amount. The assets acquired will provide cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) monitoring and analysis solutions to reduce the total cost of operating commercial refrigeration systems.

Hussmann CEO, Tim Figge, commented that it is Hussmann’s goal to create value for the customer. This acquisition will assist retailers in reducing their overall maintenance and energy spend via data driven solutions and the connected store.
“This is another example of how we are delivering on the Hussmann Promise to continuously deliver the most customer-focused solutions in the food retailing industry,” said Figge.
The SaaS solution acquired can have big economic benefits in terms of predictive maintenance, condition-based preventative maintenance and energy savings for the customer. This SaaS solution assists food retailers with lowering energy consumption, monitoring and improving overall systems health, predicting component failures, and improving service levels to the customer. According to Jay Welu, Hussmann Senior Vice President for Retail Services, Hussmann has an incredible amount of data on maintenance spend in stores. The acquired solution provides Hussmann a unique opportunity to provide value to our customers by leveraging our knowledge of refrigeration systems, coupled with our expertise in service, to provide the best solution for retailers in the world of IoT.

Acquisition Fuels Predictive Maintenance, Cutting Costs and Enhancing Experience
“Our expertise at Hussmann goes well beyond manufacturing and selling quality equipment,” said Welu. “This addition allows us to go from a break-fix mentality to a predictive one that extends value to our customers and to Hussmann as we all know the challenges around technician labor. Our goal is to reduce the overall expense to the retailer, year-after-year, through optimal operations and reduced maintenance. At some level that seems counter intuitive when you consider that aging stores are typically more expensive to maintain. I firmly believe that the acquisition of the SaaS solution provides us the opportunity to make that goal a reality, with data”.
He further indicated that the acquired SaaS will provide another area for Hussmann to create additional value for customers. “The acquired software adds a completely new dynamic to the value we can bring to our customers, regardless of who is servicing a store,” added Welu. “We have evaluated many solutions in this IoT arena, and this software is the first solution that we have seen that is actually executing on the strategy of predictive failures and moving towards condition-based maintenance.”

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