Hussmann Energy Savings for Open Multi-Deck Cases

Date: 21 April 2020
Hussmann Energy Savings for Open Multi-Deck Cases
Since its beginning, Hussmann has focused on helping the food retailing industry solve tough problems with future-thinking solutions. In September 2019, Hussmann launched CaseShield PTM for Hussmann multi-deck cases. The shelf-edge technology is designed to save energy on open multi-deck cases while also further ensuring food safety and quality through enhanced temperature control.

“Improved air flow with CaseShield PTM reduces energy usage by up 20 percent and provides a more comfortable shopper experience, which can result in longer linger times,” said Marc Carr, Hussmann Business Development Manager. “As with all Hussmann products, CaseShield PTM went through extensive testing to deliver the best solution for retailers that addresses the impact to energy, merchandising, environment and cost.”

Testing on CaseShield PTM included computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and considerable time in the Hussmann Research & Development Lab. Hussmann engineers analyzed configurations with varying numbers of PTM blades, as well as different angles, sizes and distances.

“We wanted to get this right, so we took the time to test for just about every configuration and durability test we could think of,” said Neil Monson, Hussmann engineering leader focused on new technology.

CaseShield PTM comes fully assembled and painted to match existing shelves and slides on just like standard Hussmann PTM, enabling installation by non-technical, in-store labor to further reduce the costs and enabling fast payback for retailers. 

“CaseShield PTM brings price tags closer to the shopper for improved line of sight to in-store specials,” said Carr. “Additionally, it supports multiple sizes of paper price tags or Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) offered by Hussmann business division, Aperion.”

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