HVACR and the Future of Retail

Among retailers and retail analysts, there is a consensus that although the traditional footprint of brick and mortar stores is in decline there is still a distinct requirement for physical stores.

Some physical store locations will however be required to undergo a transition to accommodate new types of business and alternative customer needs. As the function of retail floor space adapts to these requirements, there will be opportunities for energy conscious organisations to ensure that cost efficiencies are being generated and maintained, for contractors to provide elegant solutions to the HVACR and BEMS requirements of retailers, and for suppliers/manufacturers to develop leading hardware and software products that meet the needs of contractors and retailers. This whitepaper will outline:
  • The changing landscape of the retail environment and the drivers of change;
  • The implications of these changes for retailers, HVACR contractors, and HVACR suppliers;
  • Energy saving solutions available for retailers and contractors.
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