ICS Cool Energy opens a new training facility in Totton

Date: 09 May 2024
ICS Cool Energy opens a new training facility in Totton
ICS Cool Energy opens a new training facility in Totton
ICS Cool Energy has announced the opening of a new training center at its Totton site. The custom-built laboratory is designed to facilitate the training and development of technicians in an environment tailored to their needs. It offers hands-on simulation and classroom setup with all the equipment that ICS Cool Energy sells, rents and services, including chillers, freecoolers, temperature control units (TCUs), heat exchangers, controls and more.

With the new training package, ICS Cool Energy aims to provide technicians and sales engineers with advanced skills and hands-on experience that will enable them to excel in the field. The facility also has a water treatment fluid laboratory that provides hands-on functional training that simulates real-life temperature control system scenarios to ensure optimal understanding and application of the equipment. This new training package will also provide customers with the opportunity to learn and better understand the equipment they install and use in their facilities.

Alistair Michie, Head of Service Operations at ICS Cool Energy, states: “The new training package demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers to support their operations and business. This package serves as an onboarding program for new team members and supports ongoing training to continuously improve skills. By providing our technicians and sales engineers with comprehensive factory training, we ensure that they become experts in their field and can serve our customers at the highest level.”

“Having a simulated system that technicians can experiment with, manipulate and control in person is invaluable. This allows us to test, prove and train our systems and solutions – in a safe environment – to find the most efficient and sustainable way to operate, maintain and configure equipment for optimal performance in different scenarios,” added Alistair Michie.

As new products and solutions become available in the ICS Cool Energy offer, they will be included in the training package, making it future-proof and comprehensive.
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