Innovations in the Opteon portfolio for stationary applications – Opteon XL blends

Date: 30 May 2018
The latest innovations in the Opteon portfolio for stationary applications – Opteon XL blends - are mildly flammable refrigerants with very low GWP for new equipment designs. Opteon XL blends will enable the market to further decrease the CO2-equivalents to lowest levels. They offer similar performance compared to the current HFC technologies they are designed to replace, which makes them easier and cost-effective to apply in new equipment without major modifications. Classified as lower flammability (A2L), these products allow much higher charge sizes than other flammable refrigerants, especially hydrocarbons, and can be safely used by following the applicable codes and standards. Hence, the Opteon XL blends offer the optimal balance in terms of performance and properties.
  • Opteon XL20 (R-454C) and XL40 (R-454A): These low-GWP replacements can be used as substitutes for R-404A and R-22/R-407C technology. Opteon XL40 offers a GWP of 238 as well as superior performance with respect to cooling capacity and efficiency. This enables a reduction in CO2-equiavalents of 94% compared to R-404A. Opteon XL20 is a closer match to R-22/R-407C-based technology, but it is also a valid solution for R-404A equipment. With a GWP 148, it falls under the important maximum value of 150 in the F-Gas regulation and Ecodesign.
  • Opteon XL41 (R-454B) and XL55 (R-452B: Both Opteon XL41 and XL55 are excellent replacements for R-410A in new and existing equipment. XL41 provides the lowest GWP available (466) of all near-drop-in solutions with a reduction of 78% compared to R-410A. In addition, it is a very close match to R-410A and in some cases even provides superior performance with respect to capacity and efficiency. XL55 offers improved performance compared to R-410A while maintaining design compatibility. It also has the lowest flammability compared to other industry-tested R-410A alternatives. Opteon XL products are gaining significant interest from OEMs like Trane which has already exhibited the first air-cooled demonstration chiller, AquaTrine, designed for use with Opteon XL55, and Bitzer which has XL41 and XL55-compatible equipment commercially available.
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