Its Curtains For PCV Strip Curtains

Innovative CoolKit has introduced new technology that gives an alternative option to the traditional PVC strips designed to regulate the temperature in refrigerated vehicles. CurtAir by CoolKit creates a compact, effective and invisible curtain in the load space, to keep the cold, or in some cases heat, inside and the ambient humid air outside during door openings. The pioneering company is the first in the UK to utilise this product on a refrigerated vehicle. It can be easily installed to a vehicle, with a simple click-to-mount fitting system and comes in a range of flexible dimensions to suit a range of commercial panel vans makes and models. Rupert Gatty, Managing Director of CoolKit said: “We strive to meet the needs of our customers and develop our products accordingly. We don’t believe in just making something, we want to produce something that solves a problem for our customers. “The air curtain eradicates the need for the PVC strips, which some clients find irritating. The product keeps the chilled or frozen temperature inside the van during door openings, meaning the refrigeration unit doesn’t have to work as hard to bring the temperature in the load space back to the desired range.” Manufacturer’s test results demonstrate a significantly slower increase in the heat entering the load space during door openings, meaning the produce being stored in the refrigerated vehicle are less impacted by a constant change in the temperature. The testing was carried out at -25°C freezer temperature within the load space, and during a 10 minute door opening the temperature raised to approximately -10°C for the vehicle fitted with PVC strip curtains, and approximately – 15°C for the vehicle fitted with the CurtAir. The outside ambient temperature during the testing was 21°C. The air barrier has also demonstrated useful in keeping dust, smoke, exhaust gases and bad odours from entering the load space, and the product is PEIK Certified meaning it operates under 60dB. The product was launched at the CV Show in April, and it now being used by an existing CoolKit customer with positive feedback from the first week of use. This particular customer is also benefiting from a payload saving, with the previous strip curtains resulting in 10Kg per door opening, and the new CurtAir solution at a reduced weight of 7Kg.   Read More
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