J&E Hall Gold Medal

Date: 24 September 2018
Nominations for the 2018 award are now open Download the pack here Deadline for nominations is 15th October 2018 This internationally respected award recognises the most noteworthy practical contribution to the field of refrigeration.The award has been sponsored by J&E Hall International consistently for 40 years with a prize award of £5,000, and is open to individuals or teams with recent outstanding achievements in one or more of the following areas
  • Practical applications of innovative designs
  • Projects which have made an original contribution to the field
  • Systems which demonstrate substantial potential and evidence that they will be completed successfully
  • Outstanding and significant work in a new or unusual area

Winner of the 2017 Award

The 2017 award was made to Eckhard Groll to recognise for his contribution to the field of compressor evolution.This work has helped manufacturers to improve existing compressor design, test new design concepts and shorten development times.He has achieved this through the development and application of comprehensive simulation models for a range of hermetic positive displacement compressors.He and his thermal systems research team have modelled scroll, rolling piston, reciprocating, linear, rotating spool, bowtie, Z-, and S-RAM compressors for various refrigerants including carbon dioxide.Eckhard will be returning to the UK on the 7th February 2019 to give a paper detailing his award winning work. Read More
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