Johnson Controls tackles counterfeit oils threat

Johnson Controls is responding to concerns about a rise in counterfeit oils on the market by offering a range of high-quality lubricants carrying the YORK seal of authenticity. ​​Lubricants are a key component of chillers and mechanical cooling systems, protecting wear surfaces, ensuring long-life, maintaining leak-tightness, and, not least, enabling proper performance and efficient operation. They also play a vital role reducing corrosion, which can quickly result in serious internal damage and/or mechanical breakdown. To protect customers from the risks of counterfeit oils, Johnson Controls is introducing a global range of uniquely branded and authenticated lubricants, YORK PureOil, guaranteed to meet the specifications for particular chillers and mechanical cooling applications. Protection The gallon containers of YORK PureOil carry a YORK “seal of authenticity”, to reassure contractors and end users, and deter those seeking to pass off inferior products as genuine components supplied by the original equipment manufacturer. The range does not contain damaging additives, has a high flash point, and is resistant to high temperature breakdown. The lubricants also have a guaranteed low moisture content, and low pour points to discourage oil congealing in condensers and evaporators. Viscosities and other key physical properties are precisely calibrated to match particular chiller types and/or applications.    Read More
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