Kaltra recently delivered dry coolers in Finland

Date: 06 June 2021
Kaltra recently delivered dry coolers in Finland
Kaltra recently delivered dry coolers of the total capacity of 3500kW to its customer in Lahti, Finland, a world-known food processing company that constructs an innovative, oat hull-based xylitol production factory. The plant includes a bio-heating facility to produce bioenergy for the xylitol production, mill, and rye crisp production lines.

The new facility spans 4,000m², with an adjacent bio-heating facility. It will receive raw material for xylitol directly from the production plant and become the world’s first fully backward-integrated xylitol manufacturing facility. The products manufactured by the facility have end-use in multiple industries, including food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical.

Heat rejection demands of the factory will be served by industrial-grade, demand-responsive dry coolers manufactured by Kaltra. The cooling units are equipped with airflow management and are designed for continuous, 24/7 operation at the site’s environmental conditions. Kaltra’s Mistral series dry coolers were selected as the most reliable and efficient solution for large-scale heat rejection.

Four Mistral-W units, each equipped with 18 axial fans and heat exchangers of 6,200m² heat transfer surface, reject about 3.5MW heat by a total airflow of 1 million cubic meters per hour and fluid flow of more than 110L/s – at low sound emission of as low as 49dB(A) at a 10-meter distance, consuming just about 14kW each.

Large Mistral-W units are flagship dry coolers of Kaltra’s extensive lineup, developed for industrial cooling – with time-proven, built-in reliability and intended for year-round use. Mistral-W can be completed with adiabatic spray or evaporative pre-cooling systems for maximum efficiency, EC- or AC-driven fans, fan speed controllers, silencers, and many more accessories to meet the project needs.

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