KeepRite Refrigeration’s system Limitrol+

Date: 12 July 2019
KeepRite Refrigeration’s system Limitrol+
Limitrol+ combines various technologies into a responsive system that floats head pressure, saving energy and reducing environmental impact. Unlike competitive systems, this innovation combines variable speed EC motor technology, condenser portioning and various systems modifications to provide the ultimate in performance and control.

Regardless of ambient temperatures, Limitrol+ intelligently responds to the conditions to float head pressure without sacrificing system performance for lower temperatures.

Built to perform in the extremes of the North American climate, Limitrol+ technology offers the following:

  • Reduces compressor energy consumption and run time
  • EC motor technology further saves energy and reduces electrical requirements
  • Lowered environmental impact through reduced refrigerant use
  • Stable system performance in lower ambients
Ideally suited and most effective in applications with fluctuating ambients, Limitrol+ is perfect for installations where reduced refrigerant charges are desired or required.

Anything that saves energy is a bonus. Anything that saves refrigerant is an environmental bonus. Anything with a payback to our customers is a no brainer. Limitrol+ brings all of that to the table, and more.

Floating head technology has existed for years, but as the winner of the AHR Expo 2015 Innovation Award, Limitrol+ takes it to the next level. Ultimately saving energy, refrigerant, the environment and your bottom line, you can see the savings for yourself using our handy Energy Savings Calculator.

After more than 70 years in the business, KeepRite Refrigeration continues to develop advanced technologies to meet the needs of today’s refrigeration professional. View the Limitrol+ page to learn more about this award-winning technology.
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