Kelvion Increases U.S. Production By Adding An Air Cooled Condensers Line For The Refrigeration Industry

Kelvion install new production line in our United States’ headquarters and manufacturing facility in Catoosa, OK, thereby making it faster to receive products for clients. “Although this is a new production line in the U.S., the air cooled condensers have actually been produced for many years in England by our sister company, Kelvion Ltd. We are proud to bring their expertise and product development to the U.S.”, said Jacob Wolfe, Executive Director for Business Development in the U.S. “This additional production line will complement our existing range of gasketed and brazed heat exchangers currently being manufactured in the U.S. for all industries”, continued Mr. Wolfe. The Kelvion Air Cooled Condenser is a tried and true product and is available now in standard and custom flatbed and in the near future V-Bank designs. The flatbed design can be up to 39’ long with a duty range of 5 - 240 tons. Kelvion Air Cooled Condensers are UL listed for the U.S. and Canada and are compatible with CO2, R448A, R449A, and R410A refrigerants.   Source: Kelvion
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