Kelvion releases ESG report 2023

Date: 14 June 2024
Kelvion releases ESG report 2023

At Kelvion, ESG principles play a pivotal role in shaping the market landscape through sustainable heat exchange solutions while building long-term value for stakeholders. These principles also underscore the company's enduring commitment to driving business activities by strategically integrating ESG efforts into daily operations, as exemplified by the company’s 'R3' approach: Respect for employees, Reduce unsustainable use of resources, and transparent Reporting to partners and stakeholders.

The ESG report outlines Kelvion’s performance in 2023 and identifies the company’s efforts for 2024 and beyond, aimed at fostering a more sustainable future.

Key highlights from Kelvion's ESG report include:

  • Innovative and energy efficient solutions for green tech and high tech:
    Kelvion's relentless pursuit of innovation extends to green solutions that promote energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact across various industries. From advanced materials to intelligent thermal solutions, Kelvion continues to drive sustainability through technological excellence.
  • Sustainable production plant in China:
    The roof of Kelvion’s production facility in China has been equipped with solar panels to reduce COemissions by 5,000 tonnes a year. Today, the solar panels provide up to 5.0 MW which covers 50% of the plant’s energy demand.
  • Diverse and inclusive workplace:
    Kelvion's commitment to social responsibility extends beyond environmental initiatives. The company prides itself on fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, promoting equality, and empowering employees to reach their full potential.
  • Sustainable supply chain:
    Implementing sustainable practices throughout Kelvion’s supply chain is a key area of governance, particularly focusing on managing and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

CSR/ESG Manager and Kelvion ESG Committee member, Antoine Grondin, says: "At Kelvion, we believe that sustainable business practices are not just a responsibility but a source of innovation and competitive advantage. Our ESG report reflects our holistic approach to sustainability, encompassing environmental protection, social progress and ethical governance."

Kelvion's ESG report is available for download on the company's website, offering stakeholders and the public a transparent view of Kelvion's sustainability journey and future goals.

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