KPS Global Announces the Launch of Their Continuous Line Panel Systems

Date: 17 April 2019
KPS Global Announces the Launch of Their Continuous Line Panel Systems
KPS Global (KPSG) is pleased to announce the addition of two new products to its panel offerings.

CLP and KOLDSPAN are both continuous line panel systems that can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with KPSG cam-lock panels, depending on the customers’ needs. While the two have similar applications, they are usually selected based on price point.

CLP panels by KPS Global, are an EPS insulated metal panel system with thickness ranging from 2” to 10” (R-8 to R-44), single wall heights up to 45’, and single ceiling spans to 30’.

Tom Marcy, COO, KPSG said, “The state-of-the art machinery allows a team of five employees to fabricate, package, and have ready to ship over 10,000 square feet of panel in less than three hours. It’s a very automated system. We’re able to deliver three to four weeks after the order is placed.

KOLDSPAN is a high-quality, durable insulated metal panel that is perfect for large scale cold storage applications where insulating value and energy efficiency are critical. The high-performance urethane core panels install quickly and can be designed for both indoors and outdoor applications. A variety of colors are available. Panels can be manufactured in lengths up to 53’.

“Both products can be used in tandem with cam-lock panels. These products are a great addition to the company’s turnkey industrial market offering,” said Kevin Piel, Industrial Business Development Director, KPSG.

“We are excited to add these two products to our ever-expanding portfolio which includes components, aftermarket parts and installation services,” said KPSG CEO Mike Eakins. He adds, “Continuous line panels give us the opportunity to fulfill customer orders as small as a 6x6 to as large as 600x600. The company can take care of our customers’ needs no matter what they are.

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