Leading the global growth of NatRef installations

Date: 05 July 2019
Leading the global growth of NatRef installations

CAREL's solutions have always been developed to guarantee high efficiency, even with natural refrigerants. In recent years, the number of CO2 refrigeration installations has grown drastically all over the world, led by European and Japanese retailers.

CAREL in the last three years has made an important contribution to the overall number of CO2 installation, through the exponential growth of projects with standard and DC technology CO2.

Thanks to a wide portfolio of Natural Refrigerant Solutions, available for all market segments, from convenience stores to hypermarkets, CAREL is experiencing impressive success, especially with the small-medium capacity units equipped with DC CO2 technology, nowadays common in Europe.

The increase in the number of projects is led by condensing unit applications with Hecu CO, waterloop stores with semi plug-in cabinets controlled by Heos CO2, and small multi DC CO2 booster racks.

The common point of these applications is small-medium capacity and CAREL DC technology, which we strongly believe will become the reference innovation for improving environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and food quality in the near future.

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