Leminar signs Distribution Agreement with Pentair Aurora

Date: 25 October 2019
Leminar signs Distribution Agreement with Pentair Aurora

Leminar Air Conditioning Company, the leading HVAC & Plumbing products distribution company in the region, signed a distribution agreement with Pentair Aurora for the distribution of Aurora Pumps throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Under the agreement, Leminar Air Conditioning Company will be the UAE distributor for Aurora’s complete range of HVAC, Water Supply, Drainage and Sewage pumps. With an emphasis on durability, high performance & innovative hydraulics, Aurora pumps are designed to offer smart and efficient water solutions across the globe for various applications.

Pentair Aurora’s commitment to excellence is a result of the latest technologies used by the company in the manufacturing of pumps. With 110 locations in 30 countries, Pentair draws on a century of experience offering sustainable water solutions and making a difference in the HVAC market by meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own water needs. Pentair’s portfolio of successful water solutions enables people, business and industry to access clean and safe water, reduce water consumption, and recover and reuse water wherever possible.

Hari Prasad, Vice President of Sales (MEA), Pentair Aurora, said, “We’re incredibly pleased to announce our partnership with Leminar Air Conditioning Company to offer sustainable water solutions in the UAE. Leminar has a great degree of expertise and presence in the HVAC market, which gives us an opportunity to collaborate and deliver unique water management solutions in pursuit of ecological sustainability.”

Pramodh Idicheria, COO, Leminar Global, said, “To achieve sustainable water management requires a multidisciplinary and holistic approach in which Aurora pumps make an impact with its varied range of applications. Our vision is to become one of the leading players in the pumps industry. With the strong financial support of Al Shirawi group, Leminar’s infrastructure and Aurora’s brand reputation, we believe that this can be achieved.”

“Leminar has set a benchmark in the HVAC industry by representing global brands in the country. Pentair Aurora pumps offer higher working pressure thresholds and the versatility to perform through a large range of conditions. We look forward to offering Pentair Aurora’s efficient, sustainable water solutions to our customers.” added Kartik Raval, General Manager, Leminar Global.

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