Lincoln Tech Partners With Commercial Refrigeration Innovator Hussmann

Grand Prairie, TX to open advanced training facility, prepare graduates for careers with Hussmann locations nationwide.

Lincoln Educational Services Corporation, a technical training company, announced that it has entered into a partnership with Hussmann, a Panasonic company and manufacturer of medium and low-temperature display cases and refrigeration systems.  At Lincoln Tech's Grand Prairie, TX campus, students will have the opportunity to train for Hussmann careers in the Advanced Refrigeration Training Center.

Lincoln Tech's training program will be available to graduates of its eight HVAC schools around the country, and Hussmann will sponsor the students accepted by covering tuition, room and board.  <span class="xn-person">Scott Shaw</span>, President and CEO of <span class="xn-org">Lincoln Tech</span>, says the new partnership illustrates the potential for companies to develop better-trained workforces through their relationships with vocational training schools like Lincoln.

"These kinds of partnerships really demonstrate the commitment of both educators and employers to build highly-skilled technician teams, open a wider range of career paths to graduates, and allow companies to improve upon the service they provide to their clients," he says.  "We're grateful to Hussmann for not only agreeing to sponsor the students that will train at <span class="xn-org">Lincoln Tech</span>, but also for supplying the necessary equipment and serving as a model industry partner."

"The refrigeration industry is changing rapidly," says Elisha Bailez, Project Manager at Hussmann.  "It's a robust, exciting field, ideal for people who are good with their hands and love to learn.  Hussmann is a recognized leader in the industry, and working for Hussmann gives technicians the opportunity to pave their own way to rewarding careers."

She cites <span class="xn-org">Lincoln Tech's</span> "culture of growth" as a key factor in Hussmann's decision to formalize the partnership, adding, "<span class="xn-org">Lincoln Tech</span> has demonstrated a desire to recharge the HVAC/R industry – this new program will take HVAC/R workforce development to the next level."

Almost 60,000 HVAC/R positions are projected to open around the country by 2024, according to, and companies like Hussmann are finding that the skills gap is impacting their ability to identify and hire the right candidates.  Finding a candidate that has been specifically trained to work in a critical field like supermarket refrigeration can make all the difference.

"With Hussmann, HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) technicians have the chance to perform work that really matters," adds <span class="xn-person">Ashley Turner</span>, Hussmann Vice President of Branch Operations.  "It's about more than comfort – it's about climate control and ultimately food safety in supermarkets around the country by maintaining the critical temperature systems that keep perishables fresh."

<span class="xn-person">Donna Ward</span>, Hussmann Director of Human Resources, notes that the new program builds on already successful relationships between Hussmann and individual <span class="xn-org">Lincoln Tech</span> campuses around the country that offer HVAC career training.  She also says the ongoing need for skilled refrigeration technicians makes this an ideal time to explore training that can lead to careers at Hussmann.

"As long as we have technicians, we'll have customers," Ward says.  "There is a continuous need around the country and a variety of levels of opportunity."

Ward also notes that many Hussmann field technicians, have stayed with the company for more than 30 years.  Several employees are second and third-generation family members.  "We support continued growth of our employees," she says. "We're a very stable organization that looks to promote from within."

The first eight-week training class is scheduled to begin in late spring at <span class="xn-org">Lincoln Tech's</span> <span class="xn-location">Grand Prairie</span>campus.  Four additional classes are slated for later in 2018.

Source: PRNewswire

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