Maersk to Launch Unique Cold-Chain Transparency

Last year, Maersk launched its new ‘Remote Container Management’ system, which enables the in-box monitoring and management of changes in conditions critical to the safe shipment of perishable commodities. RCM has now been rolled out across Maersk’s global fleet of 350,000 reefer containers, but so far box data transmitted by the system has only been made available internally. However, van Trooijen said perishable and pharma customers would soon have far greater shipment transparency, improving cargo care and easing customer concerns about cargo integrity while also giving Maersk a valuable lead over rivals in premium perishables markets. This will be of particular significance for APAC customers in Oceania, especially perishables and primary food exporters in Australia and New Zealand. “Oceania is a very large perishables market,” he said. “We have significant contracts for protein and kiwi fruit shipments so visibility inside the reefer gives the customer a peace of mind in terms of where the container is and what’s going on inside. Read More

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