Maersk tracks and monitors 290 000 refrigerated containers online

A.P. Moller-Maersk Group, owner of one of the world’s largest shipping lines, is using AT&T* Internet of Things (IoT) technology to connect its refrigerated containers. The agreement between Maersk and AT&T is one of the largest Industrial IoT deployments of its kind. Maersk is working with AT&T to track and monitor the condition of refrigerated containers with perishable goods. Before, onsite supply chain managers would spend time manually checking the condition of each container. Maersk now has near-real time visibility into the conditions of each refrigerated container at almost any part of its journey during the supply chain. Their shipping supervisors can monitor mechanical performance to help ensure the equipment is in proper working condition. Maersk has connected over 290,000 of its refrigerated containers to the AT&T network. Each unit uses a remote container device (RCD) that has a 3G High Temperature SIM card, a GPS unit, a ZigBee radio and antenna, and multiple interfaces for connecting into the refrigerated container’s controller. The RCD can operate with two-way connectivity from just about anywhere in the world.   maersk_946x432 Source: AT&T

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