MAJA Flake Ice Machines: Possibility of transition from R404A to ecological refrigerants

Date: 11 January 2017
The current topic in the refrigeration sector is the replacement of environmentally damaging refrigerants with ecologically sound alternatives. MAJA therefore sees itself responsible, as an ice machine producer, to offer innovations that can be integrated into climate-neutral composite concepts. Already since 2008 MAJA took the lead with the RVH-CO2 ice machines, which are in daily use for the production of flake ice by customers all over the world. Especially if new supermarkets are planned with fresh fish displays or if they intend to refit their refrigeration structure, they decide more and more often for a refrigeration system which can be operated with the climate-neutral refrigerant CO2 (R744). MAJA offers a whole range of R744 flake ice machines with capacities of 500 to 3.800 kg in 24 hours with a multicompressor refrigeration system for direct R744 operation. Thanks to many years of experience and know-how with alternative refrigerants, MAJA is able to offer now an interesting interim solution: Newly, the RVH-CO2 HYBRID (R404A) machines are designed to allow their operation with the still frequently used R404A, but also with R744 (CO2). If an existing ageing flake ice machine demands more and more important maintenance efforts and if the refit of the refrigeration technique to CO2 is planned medium term, it makes sense to invest already now in a new flake ice machine of the RVH-CO2 HYBRID (R404A) range. The new ice machine is supplied ready for operation with the still current R404A. As soon as the refit of the whole refrigeration system to R744 is ready, only a few small adjustments have to be done on the flake ice machine to become ready for operation with carbon dioxide. Besides that, the investment in a new RVH-CO2 HYBRID machine offers an optimized energy balance and improved sanitation conditions: Like all MAJA Flake Ice Machines, the CO2-range is labelled HY-GEN protected, MAJA's guarantee for a very cleanding-friendly hygienic machine design. The core piece of the HY-GEN sanitation principle is the cleaning friendly water tank, which can be easily removed for manual cleaning within seconds. If cleaning, descaling and disinfection should be done in a more comfortable, faster and safer way, the MAJA Flake Ice Machine can be optionally equipped with the MAJA-SCS, MAJA's patented evaporator self-cleaning system. maja_eco Read more
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