Martin Lenz elected Chairman of Eurovent’s ‘Air Handling Units’ Product Group

During their meeting of the Eurovent Association Product Group ‘Air Handling Units’ in Zoetermeer, Netherlands, members have elected Mr Martin Lenz (TROX GmbH, Germany) as their Chairman and Mr Andy Bijmans (Systemair B.V, Netherlands) as their Vice-Chairman. The two take on their positions from Mr Kees van Haperen (Rosenberg, Netherlands) and Mr Gunnar Berg (Swegon, Sweden). Van Haperen had been leading the Product Group since 2002. Both of them had been active participants since the 1990s and now decided to pass their Chairmanship on to a new generation. The Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Handling Units’ is the largest grouping in its product area worldwide, counting more than 100 manufacturers as members. The new Chairman, Martin Lenz, is Development Engineer at TROX GmbH and one of the Europe’s leading experts in this product area. Andy Bijmans, the new Vice-Chairman, is Development Manager at Systemair B.V. Both look back at a long-term experience within the Product Group and Eurovent network as a whole. The outgoing Chairman, Mr van Haperen, told meeting participants: ‘It has been my honour leading this Product Group for close to 15 years, working together with all of you to making European AHU technology globally renowned in terms of quality, reliability and innovation. Over the years, we have achieved a lot and drafted widely applied standards and recommendations. Both Gunnar and myself are going to actively continue contributing to the Eurovent Product Group, now with an increased focus on Life-Cycle Costs.’ Van Haperen continued thanking his employer Rosenberg. Rosenberg, not to be mixed up with Rosenberg Ventilatoren in Germany, is a Dutch manufacturer of ‘Liberty’ modular AHUs with composite casing construction. The new Chairman, Mr Lenz, continued: ‘On behalf of the entire group, we thank Kees and Gunnar for making this group what it is today: A unique network connecting global experts in the AHU area, in which competitors work together towards a constant technological development. Andy and myself will do our utmost to further develop our Product Group. With the increasing number of tasks and legal requirements ahead, everyone’s support and commitment will be of high importance. Our aim is to involve everyone as much as possible, including the many new members to our network.’ Among other things, the Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Handling Units’ deals with the development of codes of good practice (Eurovent Recommendations), technological as well as trade and export issues. It actively contributes to the development of the European Union Ecodesign Regulation for Ventilation Units and related legislative topics. The Product Group is not handling ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ issues, which is taking place within the so-called ‘Compliance Committee’ of the association’s independent subunit Eurovent Certita Certification. The Chairman of this Committee is Mr Martin Törpe (AL-KO Therm, Germany).

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