MHITS launch the Dangan Hyper Inverter Series of commercial and office-use air conditioners for cold regions

Date: 28 May 2019
MHITS launch the Dangan Hyper Inverter Series of commercial and office-use air conditioners for cold regions
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. (MHITS), a Group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), will from early June successively launch the Dangan Hyper Inverter Series of commercial and office-use air conditioners specifically designed for cold regions. These units provide exceptional heating performance even under low external temperature conditions, allowing for comfortable heating.The series comprises seven types of indoor units in four models (3, 4, 5, and 6 horsepower), for a lineup of 50 models to meet a wide range of needs, including single types, and simultaneous operation twin and triple types. The three and four horsepower models achieve an industry-leading annual performance factor (APF) (Note).

The Outdoor units in this series incorporate large-capacity compressors. The three and four horsepower models have two expansion valves that provide optimal control, allowing them to maintain rated heating capacity even in external temperatures of minus 10°C, with up to three hours of continuous heating operation. The units also have drain pipe heaters as standard equipment to prevent internal freezing, and employ a snow guard fan control that intermittently runs the fan when the exterior temperature is low in order to prevent snow buildup.A range of snow guard hood options are also sold separately, providing peace of mind for use in cold and snowy regions.

The 50 models of indoor units comprise a lineup of seven types: The ceiling cassette FDT four-way unit and FDTW two-way unit, the FDR ceiling recessed cassette unit, the FDU high static pressure duct connected unit, the FDE ceiling suspended unit, the FDK wall mounted unit, and the FDF floor standing unit. The units are equipped with a "warm-up timer" function with a microcomputer that anticipates the operation start time and begins operating five to 60 minutes beforehand, so that the room is close to the set temperature at the designated start time.The ceiling cassette four-way FDT series employs a three-row heat exchanger that delivers powerful heating, blowing warm air of 50°C within three minutes of startup, and hot air of more than 60°C within eight minutes. Further, by using the AirFlex function in the options panel, users can design a comfortable air flow that avoids directly blowing air in one direction, comfortably warming the room overall.

MHI Thermal Systems will continue to develop products for the package air conditioner market, including air conditioners for retail spaces and offices, and multi-type air conditions for buildings, that offer convenience and operability for the environment and customers.

(Note) Annual Performance Factor (APF) is a performance index in which the total capacity needed for heating and cooling throughout the year is divided by the energy consumption of the air conditioner. Larger numbers represent greater energy efficiency. ("Industry-leading APF" is based on research conducted by MHI Thermal Systems, and excludes models FDEK1125H5, FDEK1125HP5S, and FDRK1125H5S.)

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