Midea built a research and development center in Austria

The group of companies Midea has completed the construction of its own innovation center in Austrian Graz. Research resources of the world level will be aimed at improving the company's products and strengthening Midea's positions in the European market. The new European research center houses an office, laboratory rooms and a showroom.

Electric, chemical, testing and other laboratories have been built, including for the development of "smart house" systems. The new center will also test and develop GMCC compressors - one of the most important divisions of the Group. Midea proactively uses all opportunities for global innovation and growth. According to experts, the successful strategy of a modern manufacturer of home appliances should consist of three steps. The first is the development and transition from selling products to selling industry solutions.
The second is the transition from the internationalization of products to the internationalization of research and development. And the final third step is the transition from competitive struggle to sectoral cooperation. Having successfully coped with the first step, Midea, as part of its global strategy, has been developing research bases around the world. They have already been established in Louisville and Silicon Valley in the United States, Japan and Italy, construction in Germany, India and other countries continues.


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