NAVAC Announces Return of Popular Free Evacuation Tool Promotion

Date: 14 April 2021
NAVAC Announces Return of Popular Free Evacuation Tool Promotion

NAVAC has brought back its popular Need for Speed promotion. May 1 through September 30, the deal lets NAVAC provide HVAC customers directly with two free evacuation tools for those purchasing one of six qualifying vacuum pumps.

Intended to help distributors move existing inventory even as they stock up on additional models, the offer is bolstered by NAVAC’s hassle-free servicing and expedient processing and shipping. Qualifying vacuum pumps include:

  • The market’s first smart vacuum pumps, the NRP8Di and NRP6Di have digital control interfaces for unsurpassed intuitiveness. An ultra-efficient yet powerful DC Inverter makes it approximately 20% lighter than other units in its class.

  • The NP4DLM Cordless Vacuum Pump features a high-performance lithium battery capable of up to one hour of continuous running time. At 15.4 pounds, the unit is exceedingly efficient and easy to carry and store.

  • Weighing just 8.4 lbs. (including battery), NAVAC’s NP2DLM Cordless Vacuum Pump is convenient to carry for technicians and ideal for applications where power supply access is an issue. With its lithium-ion battery the unit can operate up to one full hour at its stated air flow capacity of 2cfm.

  • NAVAC’s NP12DM Vacuum Pump features an industrial-grade design for a rare blend of robustness, speed and power. The unit offers an impressive flow rate of 12cfm for fast, heavy duty performance, and its brushless DC-motor technology maintains peak efficiency.

  • NP12DA1 Ammonia Vacuum Pump combines protection against ammonia-based refrigerants with power via an impressive flow rate of 12cfm for fast, heavy duty performance. Ammonia’s corrosiveness is a reason why vacuum pumps are often considered disposable. The NP12DA1 pushes back against this wasteful trend with a stainless-steel inlet port and corrosion-resistant pump.

The promotion’s three evacuation tools, from which customers may choose two for free, include the NHB1 “Big-Boy” Evacuation Hose, which has ½” hose diameter and 3/8” to ¼” fitting; the NHB2 “Big-Boy” Evacuation Hose, having ½” diameter and ½” to ¼” fitting; and the NVR1 “2-in-1” Valve Core Removal Tool which handles both ¼″ and 5/16″ flare fittings and rated for R410A systems.

The promotion aligns with NAVAC’s dedication to helping customers manage the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The company’s warehouses remain open for uninterrupted support to distributors and contractors. NAVAC has maintained sufficient inventory to ensure timely delivery, and conducted training sessions via video conferencing with distributors and contractors.

“Our initial Need for Speed promotion proved highly successful and, with the pandemic hopefully winding down but still an ongoing issue, reupping the offer is a way to assist distributors in offloading inventory even as they look toward continued stock-up,” said Stephen Rutherford, VP of HVAC Tools Business for NAVAC. “NAVAC will do everything possible to remove obstacles for distributors wherever we can, as we continue to meet these challenging times head-on, together as an industry.”

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