Nestle unveils world's first solar-powered ice cream kiosks

Date: 20 March 2019
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The revolutionary kiosks draw solar energy through the photovoltaic panels located on the roof to keep the ice cream in the freezer cold, from the outdoor temperature of 35 degrees Celsius to a maximum of -25 degrees Celsius at zero-energy cost.

Nestle (M) Bhd business executive officer (Nestle Ice Cream) Teo Heng Keat said the introduction of the solar-powered kiosks was to further the group’s sustainability commitment to the environment.

Each newly-launched kiosk, which works 100 per cent independent of electricity, would reduce 263 kg of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere per year.

Moving forward, Nestle intends to roll out more such solar-powered kiosks in the near future.


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