New AHRI System Builder Makes Creating Matched HVAC Systems a Breeze

From compiling HVAC options for your customers to showcasing AHRI ratings and energy savings to placing the order and setting up delivery, the AHRI System Builder is your go-to for certified HVAC system configuration.

As an HVAC dealer or contractor, you spend a lot of your time engineering HVAC systems for your customers. The traditional process is time consuming, tedious, and leaves ample room for human error. With CE’s new AHRI System Builder, you can now streamline the process of creating a certified HVAC system, while also instantly checking for current system compatibility, equipment AHRI performance ratings, possible rebates for you and your customer, and real-time pricing and inventory levels. Say goodbye to complicated HVAC equipment matching and say hello to the AHRI System Builder — the only HVAC system configurator you need.

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