New Auchan Format In Brescia

With the inauguration of the new 1,500 square meter store opened in the city of Brescia, Auchan has launched a new format for its supermarkets. The new store, which was previously a Simply supermarket, has been restructured as part of the rebranding plan and aims to make the stores more homogeneous, placing greater emphasis to the Auchan brand. The main feature of the new supermarket is a wide range of food products, with particular attention to organic, health and vegan products, as well as products for personal care and pet care. The Arneg group takes part in this new shopping experience with the refrigerated counters of Arneg Italia and Oscartielle. ASTANA, BARCELLONA, BELGRADO 2, CANNES, CAIRNS, GANDER, LISBONA 2, LOSANNA 2, VICTORIA and IDRA wisely furnish the store: beyond fresh fruits and vegetables, the bakery, the butcher and the fishmonger, it introduces "a new way of shopping and living" thanks to many news: the bar and the relaxation area where customers can eat and drink, the area for cooking demonstrations, new self-checkouts, the self-scanning and a new smartphone payment system. [gallery link="file" ids="9389,9390,9391,9392,9393"]
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