New Carrier Transicold Web Tools Aid In Service Troubleshooting

Putting interactive resources into the hands of service technicians to improve maintenance, troubleshooting and container refrigeration unit repair is the idea behind Carrier Transicold’s recently launched web applications for mobile devices. Carrier Transicold is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. Among the new web applications are mobile-friendly instruction manuals and a technician’s toolbox, featuring a convenient alarm code lookup feature and various measurement conversion tools. “With more service technicians using smartphones and Internet-connected tablets, these mobile-friendly applications are a logical extension of our traditional reference materials,” said David Whyte, project manager, container service engineering, Carrier Transicold. The new mobile-friendly instruction manuals application provides access to operation and service manuals for the NaturaLINE, PrimeLINE and ThinLINE container refrigeration units, plus the XtendFRESH atmosphere control system and all four current versions of PowerLINE generator sets. The manuals are optimized for reading in horizontal or vertical format on a smartphone or tablet, and include a convenient navigation bar with a touch-activated table of contents, alphabetical index and search tool. The manuals contain all the text and visuals found in the standard equipment manual, and pinch-to-zoom enables closer study of detailed illustrations. “Additionally, videos are embedded within the manuals to support technical instructions and maintenance procedures, taking on a more vital role in the technician’s learning,” Whyte said. “These features are especially advantageous, allowing the technician to become more proficient and knowledgeable faster.” For those who might want to print pages for reference, the mobile-friendly instruction manuals application also provides access to PDF versions of each manual. The technician’s toolbox includes three valuable tools: - The alarm code lookup web application is a handy troubleshooting resource. Once the alarm code is entered, the application provides the basic alarm description as well as potential causes and repair actions, simplifying troubleshooting and saving time. Although alarm descriptions and causes are typically the same across all Carrier Transicold container equipment, the troubleshooting and corrective action steps are model-specific. The alarm code lookup feature includes decision logic to guide the technician to the right solution for the model. - Temperature/pressure conversion calculators include Celsius-to-Fahrenheit calculators and R-134a and R-744 (carbon dioxide) calculators that display pressure in pounds per square inch or bar for the refrigerant, based on temperature. - The sensor-resistance tool enables the input of a single variable – temperature (in degrees C or F) or ohms – to get the reciprocal value.   All of the tools, as well as the mobile-friendly instruction manuals application, are web-based, eliminating the need to purchase or install an application. Simply visit and find the tools by clicking on the “Service & Support” tab from the blue menu bar near the top of the page. All of the mobile applications can also be accessed from a laptop or desktop computer.   Carrier_Transicold_Web-Based_Tools Source: Carrier Transicold
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