New Energy Excellence Program Recognizes Energy Efficient Temperature Controlled Warehouses

Date: 12 September 2018
The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) unveiled a new Energy Excellence Program designed to recognize warehouse facilities as they improve their energy efficiency and reward those that drive a philosophy of energy conservation, all while helping to make the overall cold chain more sustainable. The GCCA Energy Excellence Recognition Program allows participants to use interactive tools to track efficiency at each of their facilities, as well as receive progress reports and management resources to create a culture of energy efficiency. Facilities will be able to identify and change energy consumption behaviors, improve energy efficiency and promote their efforts to current and potential customers. “We are excited to launch the Energy Excellence Recognition Program to recognize the work our members are doing to drive energy excellence in the cold chain,” said Corey Rosenbusch, President & CEO, GCCA. “The program can also help warehouse organizations better partner with their customers on sustainability initiatives while creating greater efficiencies that may generate cost-savings for their facility. Using qualitative and quantitative assessment tools, the GCCA Energy Excellence Recognition Program allows a location to establish a baseline year with records, and then track performance over time to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement. Thus, allowing warehouse operators to track facility performance over time, as well as receive progress reports with recommended next steps and links to useful resources. Top performers will receive recognition (Gold, Silver and Bronze levels) based on their achievements towards energy efficiency. The program was designed and developed by a task force of IARW warehouse operators over the past two years. Members of the task force were allowed to be ‘Early Program Adopters’ of the program and over 61 facilities have already enrolled including facilities from Americold Logistics, Congebec Logistics and Hanson Logistics. “It was a pleasure to assemble a multi-national team of industry leaders, specifically Congebec and Hanson Logistics, to craft a sustainable industry strategy to be adopted by all members globally,” stated David Stuver, member of the Energy Excellence Task Force and Senior Vice President of Distribution Support and Continuous Improvement, Americold Logistics.“As the global leader in temperature-controlled warehousing and supply chain solutions, Americold was honored to take a lead role in this initiative and brought many of its internal best practices to this process, for both the good of Americold and the community. A list of those early adopter facilities enrolled in the program is available below. The GCCA Energy Excellence Recognition Program is now open to all companies operating a temperature-controlled space. Cost to participate and more details are available online at Those interested may also contact GCCA at +1 703 373 4300 ext. 211 or email
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