New Eurovent certification programme

Date: 09 May 2021
New Eurovent certification programme

Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) has developed a new certification programme for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency of Ventilation Systems (IAQVS) for residential applications and it covers the following systems:

  • Central, unidirectional (supply or exhaust)
  • Central, bidirectional (balance ventilation)
  • Single-room, unidirectional (decentralised continuous ventilation for supply or exhaust)
  • Single-room, bidirectional (balance ventilation)

The evaluation of the ventilation system is based on simulations that allow the assessment of the ventilation system performance from both Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency perspectives.

There will be online kick-off meetings on:

You can freely download the Certification manualTechnical Certification Rules and the presentation of the webinar/meetings.

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