New items refrigerated transport at the exhibition Comtrans'15, Moscow

Commercial transport exhibition "COMTRANS'15" was held on 8 to 12 September in Moscow. The event was attended by more than 300 manufacturers of commercial vehicles, components and spare parts from Russia, CIS and countries of Europe and Asia. The total exhibition area of more than 30,000 sqm. The exhibition is a significant place occupied by the subject of the transport of cold. In total, more than 15 companies presented on their stands vehicles and equipment for the transport of refrigerated products. Among them: - car manufacturers: Citroen, Isuzu, Man, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Scania, submitted refrigerated vans for urban transport of various modifications; - manufacturers of refrigerated trailers, trailers and vans: Schmitz Cargobull, BRF, Krone, the Source. and manufacturers of refrigeration: Carrier Transicold, thermo King, Zanotti, H-Termo.   New products at the exhibition Vans Scania presented a delivery truck P 340 LB6x2*4MNB, gas-fired, with internal dimensions of the body produced by Schmitz Cargobull HH(h)mm cooling unit thermo King T-1000R Spectrum.   Авторефрижератор Скания
Mercedes-Benz has introduced 2 models - van-refrigerator Atego 1218L for urban transport with refrigeration unit thermo King V-Max 600 30. Insulated box with a volume of 27 cubic meters, payload of 1500kg.   авторефрижератор Мерседес Атеко        фургон-рефрижератор Мерседес-Бенц and Sprinter 311 CDI Classic Mobile Shop with a wide range of refrigeration equipment for the Commerce and food storage: refrigerated showcase 150L (-2+5C), refrigeration and freezer with a volume of 100L.each. автолавка Мерседес-Бенц        Мобильный магазин Мерседес-Бенц Citroen presented a refrigerated truck-based Berlingo with body volume of 3 cubic meters and a temperature range from +12C to-20C. фургон-рефрижератор Ситроен
Peugeot van-refrigerated truck Expert with the volume of the load compartment 6 cubic meters.
Авторефрижератор Пежо         Автофургон Пежо   Isuzu put isothermal truck Forward 18.0 Long with lifting tail lift. The internal volume of 36.9 cubic meters, temperature -20 to+12C. Refrigeration unit Carrier Xarios S750. Авторефрижератор Исузу         Автофургон Исузу Man showed at the stand refrigerated van based on the model TGL 12.180 4x2 BL with tail-lift. Internal body dimensions Hm, temperature -20 to+12C. Refrigeration unit Carrier Xarios 600. Авторефрижератор Ман Mitsubishi introduced the Canter camper FЕ85DG with tail lift, designed for the transport of frozen products. To ensure the desired temperature in the van mounted refrigeration unit direct drive Carrier Xarios 500. The capacity of the vans is 10 pallets. Мицубиси Refrigerated trailers Schmitz Cargobull has presented a refrigerated semi-trailer S. Ko Cool sixth-generation with a refrigeration unit Cooling Unit of its own production. Special design of the body allows you to carry the products in 2-3 different temperatures. Refrigeration unit has an innovative design of the evaporator, which allows to reduce the number of defrost cycles by 50%, the compressor is disconnected cylinders and an electric motor with variable speed. Рефрижераторный полуприцеп Шмитц Каргобулл       Рефрижераторный полуприцеп Шмитц Каргобулл Krone showed a refrigerated semi-trailer Krone Cool Liner with internal dimensions HH(h)mm Add-on is a one-piece steel construction without thermal bridges. Рефрижераторный полуприцеп KRONE Cool Liner       Рефрижераторный полуприцеп KRONE Cool Liner
An interesting model was presented by the manufacturer of vans and trailers Istok - car trailer "Refrigerator". Insulated box with a volume of 4.5 cubic meters, made on the basis of uniaxial trailer, lets you carry up to 200kg products at temperatures from +5 to -20C. Рефрижераторный прицеп "Исток" Refrigerating unit
Carrier Transicold presented on the Russian market a new unit for semi-Vector 1350. Model is the latest addition in the line, consisting of three specialized refrigeration and heating equipment for a variety of tasks from transporting goods over long distances and to intensive distribution in the urban environment.   Thermo King introduced the reefer unit on the new refrigerant R452A potential impact on global warming potential (GWP) below in relation to the popular refrigerant R404A 45%. With the same cooling capacity and efficiency. The company plans to release a full line of refrigeration refrigerant R452A next year. рефрижераторная установка Термо кинг       рефрижераторная установка Термо кинг  

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