New SAIP Commercial Refrigerator foaming line in Canada

New SAIP Commercial Refrigerator foaming line for insulating display cabinets and doors, inaugurated in Canada. The past few years North America has been a very interesting market for SAIP, especially in the commercial refrigeration sector. We’re showing a steady growth in terms of volumes but also in terms of demand for increasingly competitive technologies. Our customer is a leading refrigerator company in the North American market. They have undergone a process of transformation from having their product manufactured in China to manufacturing their product in house in Quebec, Canada. Using the customers product designs and anticipated annual volumes, SAIP designed a manufacturing system to meet their demand for improved quality, manufacturing efficiencies and manufacturing versatility. The final designed equipment has the capability of producing 15+ different models of cabinets and doors with flexibility for future product designs. This versatility has been possible thanks to the SAIP new motorized mold extraction system providing the ability to perform a product model changeover in a matter of minutes. With this kind of solution, the customer obtained extreme production flexibility, quicker lead times and lower manufacturing costs compared to their traditional manufacturing process, leading to higher profit margines. By incorporating a heated fixture into their system, they have realized a shorter cure time and virtually eliminated scrapped parts. The customer was provided the choice of how to heat the fixtures, water, oil, electric, convection heat or infrared and heating is obtained by means of a hot water system. The Saip SPB100 high pressure machine allows the automatic injection of the foam into their cabinets with a sliding carriage providing manufacturing efficiencies. Adjacent to the cabinet machine is the door line with a hydraulic containment press. This press operates independently and has the capability of receiving different model sizes at the same time. The plant was inaugurated in October 2017. [gallery columns="2" link="file" ids="11601,11602,11603,11604"]
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