New Value calculator tool estimates cost savings

Alfa Laval announces the launch of a new cost estimator tool, the Value calculator. The tool quantifies operating costs for decanters, air heat exchangers and gasketed plate heat exchangers and helps determine actions to reduce these costs. The Value calculator consists of two critical operating parameters. First, it provides customers with a clear and easy-to-understand overview of their current operating costs for decanters, air heat exchangers and gasketed plate heat exchangers. Second, it shows customers how to reduce these operating costs by implementing services available in the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio. “Succeeding in today’s competitive business environment puts enormous pressure on our customers. So we have put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and asked: ‘What can we do to help them save more money?’,” says Peter Norrby, General Manager Service, Process Technology Alfa Laval. “With the Value calculator, we can show customers how they can reduce costs and realize measurable savings by using our services.” To be able to calculate the savings, customers supply Alfa Laval with actual operating data, such as energy costs, flow rate and pressure. The Value calculator can then compare today’s operating costs to future operating costs when using Alfa Laval’s services. It shows customers how much money they can save by using one or more of Alfa Laval’s services. An Alfa Laval Condition Audit, for example, evaluates the mechanical condition of the equipment, while a Performance Audit assesses the actual performance of the equipment. Both services provide fact-based insights and indications on how to improve current operations. “It is important for customers to understand their current operating costs in order to understand how to reduce costs tomorrow,” Norrby continues. “The Value calculator helps our customers realize measurable savings on their decanters, air heat exchangers and gasketed plate heat exchangers.” In addition to the Condition and Performance Audits, Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio offers a broad range of services to address every phase of the equipment life cycle, including start-up, maintenance, support, improvements and monitoring services. service_640x360   Source:

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