Panasonic Installers Visit Heat Pump Factory in Czech Republic

Date: 26 February 2020
Panasonic Installers Visit Heat Pump Factory in Czech Republic
A group of installers from the UK and Ireland recently visited Panasonic’s factory in Pilsen, Czech Republic to see the company’s latest heat pump production facility. The factory started production of Panasonic’s Aquarea Air Source Heat Pumps in October 2018 in order to help meet the growing demand within Europe for renewable heating technologies and to ensure shorter lead times, as it works towards a greener and more sustainable future.

“The visit to the factory was very informative,” commented Gary O’Neil of Mimram Services. “I especially enjoyed the show room visit, and the sharing of product knowledge was second to none.”

With climate change high on the international news agenda, Europe has already seen exponential demand for more renewable solutions to provide heating, cooling and hot water for both domestic and commercial use. This increase is predicted to continue, especially with new legislation planned for a net zero economy by 2050 and banning the installation of gas boilers on all new developments in the UK from 2025, with a further prediction of a total ban from 2050. Panasonic has developed the Aquarea Air Source Heat Pump range to provide a renewable alternative that utilises energy from the air, providing an energy efficient, cleaner and sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuel or electric systems.

The facility in Pilsen, Czech Republic currently has one Aquarea production line, with manufacturing set to progressively increase to reach an annual output of 40,000 units to meet demand. According to Panasonic’s mid-term plan, it is set to become one of the main factories for the production of the Panasonic Aquarea range of heat pumps in Europe.

“We are very proud of this new facility and the capabilities it gives us, with delivery of just one day to most destinations in Europe.” commented Sean Graham – Area Sales Manager for Panasonic UK.

Warren Davies of Dysk added: “A thoroughly enjoyable trip with exceptional people. The technical knowledge and passion from Panasonic is admirable, particularly on the air to water products. A big thank you on behalf of Dysk Air Conditioning to Panasonic Czech, Panasonic UK / Ireland for being amazing hosts.”

The factory in Pilsen has been producing Panasonic TVs since 1996, with the company adding the heat pump line in the latter part of 2018. Radek Vach, General Manager, Business Planning Department of the Panasonic Pilsen Factory hosted the factory tour and explained to the group how “the quality assurance and product safety procedures that the factory has developed over time has been implemented to further develop the quality and production of the Panasonic Aquarea Air to Water units.”

Walter Stephens, A2W Account Manager for Panasonic Ireland, reminded the group about recent reports from the Committee on Climate Change: “Energy use in homes accounts for about 14% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions need to fall by at least 24% by 2030”.

Walter further commented on how legislation is helping to drive the option of green technologies such as air source heat pumps. “Gas cookers and boilers could be banned from new homes within six years to meet carbon emissions targets. Property developers will not be allowed to connect new-builds to the gas grid after 2025, according to official guidance.”

Panasonic has previously exported air-to-water heat pumps to Europe from its Malaysian factory. The new production facility provides Panasonic with a better capability to meet growing demand for energy-efficient heating and cooling across the region. It will also create a more localised and agile approach to product design in line with European regulations. For Panasonic customers in Europe, Aquarea lead times will be reduced thanks to short-haul transportation links, which also contributes to a reduction in the environmental impact of long-haul product shipping from Malaysia.

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