Panasonic Introduces R32 PACi Water Heat Exchanger

Date: 01 December 2019
Panasonic Introduces R32 PACi Water Heat Exchanger

Panasonic’s commitment to developing unbeatable, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions has resulted in the R32 PACi Water Heat Exchanger for chilled and hot water production. As a first-to-market, this ground-breaking product now provides the option of a Water Heat Exchanger for packaged air conditioning systems.

This new solution offers an efficient alternative to existing boiler systems that tend to be detrimental to the environment. The new R32 WHE fits appropriately with Panasonic’s 2050 Environmental Vision by reducing the amount of harmful greenhouse gas produced and increasing the use of clean energy.

Ideal for small commercial spaces such as retail projects and offices, the R32 PACi Water Heat Exchanger offers a flexible, space-saving unit at only 205mm in depth. The unit also has two installation options: floor-standing and wall-mounted, depending on the user’s needs. The wall-mounted solution is perfect for environments where space is minimal, saving valuable floor area.

At only 27kg, the compact unit is lightweight allowing for quick and simple fitting that can even be installed by just one person – saving time and cost. Wall-mounted installation only requires two screws, ensuring fast fix and helping to improve project completion schedule. The practical design also allows for easy maintenance after installation, with convenient direct access to the electrical box once assembled.

The R32 PACi Water Heat Exchanger offers a maximum piping length of 90m making a great solution for heating projects with longer piping requirements. It can also work alongside Cold Chain / CO2 systems, often installed in smaller retail outlets and supermarkets providing refrigeration and cold storage, resulting in an all-round, efficient and adaptable system.

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