Panasonic provides solutions to meet any household needs with its range of RAC systems

Date: 26 July 2020
Panasonic provides solutions to meet any household needs with its range of RAC systems

Panasonic provides solutions to meet any household needs with its range of RAC systems. Combining comfort with efficiency, the ranges include single and multi-split systems with a wide range of indoor units – many of which have recently been improved to allow for simplified installation and maintenance.

Wall Type Systems
Panasonic’s range of Wall Type units can be neatly placed in any space. The latest generation of air conditioning includes the renowned Etherea, with its VKE series boasting the highest energy class of A+++ in both heating and cooling. Slim and elegant in design, the unit comes with intelligent technology to provide high quality air-conditioning, including built-in WiFi capabilities. This range also comes with nanoe X Technology as standard, which is designed to harness the naturally occurring cleaning properties of Hydroxyl radicals.

Hydroxyl radicals inhibit the growth of pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, moulds, and odours, breaking them down and neutralising their unpleasant effects. nanoe X Technology significantly boosts their effectiveness, increasing Hydroxyl radicals’ lifetime from less than a second in nature, to more than 600 seconds – 10 minutes.

Panasonic’s TZ has undergone major improvements to its design, with a smaller and more sophisticated chassis at only 779 mm wide, whilst still maintaining impressive power and efficiency. The design also includes built-in WiFi for convenience. The unit is small enough for above door installation, making it ideal for limited spaces in any home . The unit’s filter catches harmful particulate matter (PM2.5) often found suspended in the air – including dust, hazardous pollutants, pollen, dirt, smoke, and liquid droplets. The filter catches and reduces particles, helping maintain the room’s air quality.
Furthermore, Panasonic’s basic range of Wall Type units all provide impressive heating and cooling capabilities in a stylish, matt designed casing, with a new chassis design for easy installation.

All Wall-Type units include Panasonic’s Aerowings; two independent blades that concentrate airflow to cool a room in the shortest time possible and which help distribute air evenly throughout a room. Two Aerowing blades allow for more control over the direction of airflow to ensure no spot is subject to a continuous icy blast.

Simplified designs for easy installation and maintenance
Panasonic has listened to the main struggles of installers and adapted its new TZ and basic RAC range to ensure the units are optimised for stress-free installation and maintenance. New design innovations include:
• New installation plates for a stronger and more solid design
• A slider lock to easily lock/unlock
• No screw caps, allowing for easier access
• Built-in support holder to safely support unit against wall for convenient serviceability
• Easy access to drain hose and piping connection
• New PCB: easy wire insertion and tightening with larger working space for wiring connection, allows simple PCB removal without removing terminal board cover
• Easy to remove cross flow fan

Innovative Heating and Cooling Designs
The Floor Console is an ideal solution for replacing old boiler systems. With an operating sound of just 20 db(A), the system is super-quiet. The unit has a smart design which fits well with typical European interiors, and its compact size is well suited for areas with limited space, such as underneath windows. The Floor Console has a double air flow direction designed to keep the temperature even throughout a room and comes with Panasonic’s innovative nanoe X Technology built-in, creating a comfortable and cleaner environment whether in heating or cooling mode.

Moreover, Panasonic’s Duct Type unit has a compact design of only 200mm in height and boasts a super quiet operation of just 23 db(A) in sound. The unit also has a drain water pump and air filter for added convenience.

The 4-Way Cassette 60*60 is super-compact at only 260mm in height to fit perfectly into any ceiling and has a quiet operation of 22 db(A). This unit also comes with the Sky Remote Controller for effective and smart control.

MultiSplit Range
As well as a range of quality indoor units, Panasonic’s RAC range provides several advanced Multi Outdoor units, offering choices for highly efficient systems that allow up to five indoor units to be connected, all with individual control. The Multi Split range provides a wide selection for projects, allowing different types of indoor units to be connected, providing choices suitable for each room. Also, all wall type indoor units come with built-in WiFi capability.

Smart Connectivity and WiFi Capabilities
All Panasonic’s wall type units have WiFi capabilities – some come as standard , whilst others have the option to connect for smart control of the units. This option allows solutions to also be connected to the Panasonic Comfort Cloud app for end-users to remotely control the full range of heating and cooling functions, including monitoring energy consumption for both energy and cost-saving possibilities.

Furthermore, with internet connection, they also have the option to connect with some of the leading Voice Assistants on the market, available in a variety of languages. The voice control functionality for Panasonic solutions offers a wide range of benefits for both the commercial and residential markets. For example, homeowners who are used to controlling their lighting and audio with their voice can also include preferences for their Panasonic air conditioning system to create the complete desired environment.

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