Panasonic RAC Gets Smarter with WIFI Kit and Heat & Cool App

Date: 25 April 2018
The new Heat & Cool App from Panasonic offers complete control of your property’s air-conditioning from anywhere in the world and at any time. Supported with the Panasonic RAC WIFI kit (CZ-TACG1) for internet control, the app allows you to operate air-conditioning across multiple rooms and manage energy consumption - all from an Android or iOS smart device. Now available, the app offers energy saving options, an easy-to-use interface and weekly timer functions among other benefits. The Panasonic Heat & Cool App allows for a wide variety of indoor control functions, including on/off, mode operation and room temperature control. Users can also adjust the fan speed setting, airflow direction and select a quiet operation mode. The weekly timer option means that heating and cooling can be pre-set to automatically operate to suit the seasonal needs of inhabitants, saving time and effort whilst also conserving energy when the property is unoccupied. Users can also monitor energy usage and effectively manage power consumption to save costs and increase efficiency. The Heat & Cool App also provides remote management of ECONAVI energy saving sensors and Panasonic’s nanoe air purification system, further increasing the potential for energy savings. The WIFI kit is compatible with Panasonic RAC indoor units with a CN-CNT connector* (CS-Z** and CS-E** from 2017/18 except floor consoles CS-E**GFEW). Its compact size allows it to discreetly and easily attach to the air-conditioning unit, for instant connectivity with the Heat and Cool App. Setting up the app is also easy, simply download for free from the Apple Store or Android Play Store as“Panasonic AC Controller”, register, log in and follow the simple instructions to get started. Access can be granted for multiple users and different levels of control can be applied for each additional user. An intuitive interface, available in 19 languages, displays information in a simple format, using pictograms and diagrams to allow the user to easily navigate the app. Users can register a maximum of 20 air-conditioning units per location. The app can accommodate up to 10 locations, great for multiple properties, including second homes, holiday rentals or additional outbuildings such as a studio, for example. A maximum of 200 units can be registered by the user. Locations and room settings can also be customised for easy management via the app.

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