Panasonic’s Aquarea Smart Cloud Now Pairs with IFTTT

Date: 02 September 2019
Panasonic’s Aquarea Smart Cloud Now Pairs with IFTTT

Panasonic’s Aquarea Smart Cloud CZ-TAW1 will soon be compatible with IFTTT, the advanced technology which stands for the simple process of ‘If This, Then That’. Offering a new intuitive user interface, IFTTT is a helpful addition to an already progressive control system.

The web-based service can be used to create chains of simple conditional statements which are called applets. These are often pre-installed for ease of use. Each applet is comprised of two important parts: a trigger (the ‘this’ part) and an action (the ‘that’ part) that allow the user to have a chain of conditions that are activated through just one command.

The Aquarea Smart Cloud CZ-TAW1 is an operated service which enables remote access to the new Aquarea data and functions. With the help of IFTTT, users now have even quicker access at the touch of a button or through voice control of their entire smart home, including Panasonic’s Aquarea Smart Cloud CZ-TAW1. IFTTT brings popular services, including over 600 apps together, to create new experiences for a forever growing connected world.

IFTTT works in harmony with the Aquarea system to enable simple instructions like turning on and off, to more complicated instructions such as sending emails or error notifications. Other elements of the smart home can also be incorporated so a particular pre-programmed mode can be instructed that changes temperature and turns on lights in response to climate changes outside.

Highly beneficial for the end-user, this innovative technology offers the ultimate convenience for users by automatically triggering a sequence of actions through a simple press of a button - a big step towards the future of smart homes. This can be done remotely, through a smartphone, tablet, etc. which means the processes can be completed before the user even walks through the door. IFTTT is a simple way to do repetitive tasks automatically, saving an enormous amount of time for users.

IFTTT can be as simple as it is useful. It is the perfect addition for the typical everyday user of Aquarea Smart Cloud as it is straightforward and does not require much technological knowledge in order to use effectively.

Compatibility available by Autumn 2019.

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