Portable Refrigeration Possibilities from Phononic

Date: 21 April 2018
Phononic announced the findings of a survey of 2,000+ adults across the United States that revealed consumers’ attitudes toward food waste, food and meal delivery services and portable refrigeration. Respondents estimated that they personally throw out 23% of their food each year, and they expressed concerns about the negative financial and environmental implications of such waste. “In the United States, a staggering amount of food is sent to landfills each year. With Earth Day around the corner, this issue is top-of-mind for consumers who want to curb food waste, buy organic, and eat healthier. Emerging retail models like meal and grocery delivery services have the potential to help consumers achieve their goals, if retailers are able to overcome challenges such as bulky and even more wasteful packaging needed to maintain temperature control,” said Tony Atti, founder and CEO, Phononic. “We believe our advancements in solid state refrigeration can keep food fresh across the last mile, which ends at the consumer’s door.For many Americans this could be the deciding factor to signing on for delivery services – ultimately helping to reduce food waste. Responses showed that consumers have a positive view of portable refrigeration. Over half of Americans said they would be more likely to use a grocery and/or meal delivery service if they had a battery-powered portable refrigerator to keep the food fresh in transit and upon delivery.

Portable Refrigeration Possibilities

  • Over half of Americans (56%) would be more likely to use a grocery and/or meal delivery service if it had a battery-powered portable refrigerator to keep the food cold/fresh. And, 49% would even be willing to pay more for these services if they used portable refrigeration.
  • Consumers are also seeing other benefits of portable refrigeration. 66% said they could eat healthier with someplace to store fresh, healthy snacks that they can take with them, and 51% said portable refrigeration is something they could find a lot of uses for in their daily lives.
For more information on the study, please click here. Phononic is helping food and beverage brands, retailers and food delivery services embrace to add new efficiencies and meet consumer needs through energy efficient refrigeration and freezer technology.
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