Portable Units Cross HVAC Market Barriers

Portable heating and cooling units, like most HVACR products, continue to evolve as advances in technology allow manufacturers to meet consumer demand in previously improbable applications and markets. In fact, portable units are increasingly being used as more permanent solutions, according to Brittany Calderon, product manager – consumer products, Friedrich Air Conditioning. “There is definite growth in this [portable] category,” Calderon said. “Traditionally, portable units have largely been consumer-oriented products used primarily for supplemental and temporary cooling in hot-spot locations, where more permanent solutions could not be provided. “Today, we are seeing increasing use of portables as a primary means of cooling for areas, such as home offices, server rooms, and in homes that don’t have central air and only need cooling a few months out of the year,” Calderon continued. “Friedrich also is seeing more demand from HVAC contractors when it comes to offering their customers portable units as an option for supplemental cooling while work is being done to their primary systems.” Calderon also noted she is seeing a rise in convenience features as well as smart technology being implemented in portable heating and cooling units. “Friedrich’s dual-hose ZoneAire portable with heat pump features both cooling and heating capabilities, and it delivers cooling power at a high efficiency. This product is a perfect solution for those looking for a bit more capacity from their portables versus just a temporary solution. For simple and fast spot cooling, Friedrich also offers the ZoneAire compact single hose portable unit, which was designed with convenience in mind. From the easy-roll casters to the hose storage under the unit to the ability to quickly cool or simply spin the unit around for heat operation, this unit is all about ease of use and portability. “Friedrich believes there will be a continued uptick in growth over the next few years, with a focus on more appealing visual designs and technical features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and smart capabilities,” Calderon continued. “There are several factors contributing to the growth in this category. The number of companies allowing employees to work from home is growing, and the need for spot cooling during business hours in a person’s home is directly affected. Installation will continue to be simplified, allowing users to move a unit to areas in the home or office where they may need it most, conveniently and with ease.” Read More
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