Portuguese supermarket chooses AHT units

Date: 18 February 2024
Portuguese supermarket chooses AHT units
In the dynamic landscape of modern supermarkets, achieving maximum energy efficiency stands out as a pivotal objective. The pursuit of solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards is crucial. In Portugal, Recheio, a forward- thinking supermarket, embarked on a quest for an optimal solution and discovered the epitome of efficiency in AHT units. Contrary to conventional vertical freezer cabinets, Recheio strategically embraced a fusion of chest freezers and overhead cabinets.

Rigorous internal testing substantiated that the MONTREAL XL and KINLEY X5 combination outperformed conventional remote vertical freezer cabinets by an impressive 50% in energy efficiency, all while maintaining a comparable total display area. The installation comprised 40 MONTREAL XL and 43 KINLEY units, each leveraging the natural refrigerant R290, renowned for its remarkably low Global Warming Potential (GWP), aligning seamlessly with Recheio’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
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