Portuguese supermarket invests again in CO2 transcritical


In a sign of the growing penetration of CO<sub>2</sub> transcritical into southern Europe, this is the second time R744.com has covered investment by Recheio – the biggest cash ‘n’ carry operator in Portugal – in this innovative natural refrigerant solution.

The latest installation in Sines, south of Lisbon, aims to overcome efficiency challenges posed by Portugal’s warm climate by utilising heat reclaim, air-conditioning and smart technology.

The store has achieved energy savings of 26-30%, with peak efficiency in winter of 40% and summer efficiency of 5% - impressive statistics for the Portuguese climate, according to energetica21.com.

To deliver these energy savings, Gesfuste (a company specialising in maintenance and equipment management), Consulfrio (consulting company for the refrigeration sector), Hiperfrio (a firm specialising in the supply and assembly of refrigeration equipment), Advansor (who delivered the rack), Arneg (a manufacturer of refrigeration equipment) and Danfoss (who supplied the control system) all worked together to create the CO<sub>2</sub> transcritical system.

The 2,000m<sup>2</sup> store utilises Danfoss’s ADAP-KOOL refrigeration control system that includes an AK-SM 850 control and monitoring unit, AK-CC 550a refrigeration controllers, and FC-103 frequency converters applied to compressors.

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