Process cooling system saves both water, energy at New England BioLabs

Date: 17 May 2018
To better serve the ever evolving needs of their customers, New England BioLabs, Inc. (NEB) recently completed the construction of a 40,000-sq-ft clean room production facility in Rowley, MA. Accurate and robust temperature control of the equipment and environment is critical to the success of the tightly controlled manufacturing processes. A key component of the cooling system that meets the stringent cooling needs at NEB’s facility is its fluid cooler, a 1.6 million BToU closed circuit cooling tower designed to provide cooling to process water for a wide variety of sophisticated plant processes. Fluid Equipment Solutions compared the performance of multiple evaporative fluid coolers in terms of meeting the required temperature as well as energy and water use. After careful analysis, EVAPCO’s eco-ATWB-H series hybrid fluid cooler was selected. The system is specifically designed to optimize both the evaporative (latent) and dry (sensible) modes of cooling simultaneously – combining the advantages of an evaporative cooler and a dry cooler into one unit. Read the full article, Process Cooling System Saves Both Water, Energy at New England BioLabs , in HPAC Engineering to learn more about the processes used for this client.

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