QUANTUM chillers available with low-GWP R-513A


<p class="subline">ENGIE Refrigeration has added a new refrigerant to its portfolio: all QUANTUM chillers are now alternatively available with refrigerant R-513A.</p>
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<p class="subline"><span style="font-size: 16px;">All of ENGIE Refrigeration’s QUANTUM models – air-cooled, water-cooled and split models – can now run using R-513A as refrigerant. The refrigerant distinguishes itself by safety class A1 as per EN 378 and a low GWP (global warming potential) of only 631. R-513A is non-flammable and consists to 44% of R-134a (GWP: 1430) and to 56% of R-1234yf (GWP: 4).</span></p>

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The new R-513A can substitute the former standard R-134a and uses the same compressor types: Using the new refrigerant, a QUANTUM chiller will reach almost the same refrigeration capacity and energy efficiency as with R-134a. By employing the new refrigerant R-513A, ENGIE Refrigeration is assisting its customers in transitioning to an alternative for running their refrigeration systems that will remain usable in future. R-513A possesses a low global warming potential and already meets the future requirements of the F-gases regulation today.


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