RDM Group software v4.0 is now available for Intuitive TDB Controllers

Date: 08 May 2019
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RDM Group launched software v4.0, is now available for Intuitive TDB Controllers. Building on the recent major software update to DMTouch, our market-leading control system front-end, Intuitive TDB Software v4.0 features an entirely new user interface (UI). Providing users with improved navigation and a completely new look and feel. Precisely designed to make it faster and more efficient for users to view, manage and control operating and energy data captured from HVACR assets.

Compatible with Mini, Flagship PR0650, and TouchXL TDB model variants, the software makes the already powerful and competitively priced controllers a stand-out option for PLC applications.

Combined the new features present users with a significantly enhanced user experience. Offering an increased volume of information, in an easier to view, manipulate and interpret format, the new software saves users time in both the set-up and day-to-day management of their site via an Intuitive TDB controller.

Andrew Chandler, CEO of the RDM Group, commented on the launch ‘’Simulating many of the new features added to our recent DMTouch software launch, Intuitive TDB Software v4.0 presents a new UI to enhance usability, increase productivity and accelerate the time taken for users to perform day-to-day tasks. Installing, maintaining and controlling HVACR can be time-consuming enough, our aim and objective for every product we produce are to simplify the process for all stakeholders, and to provide a consistent experience across all of our platforms. We are committed to, and invest heavily, in continued product development, and will announce additional software developments in the coming months.’’

The software will ship in all new Intuitive TDB controllers today onwards; it is also available for remote or self-install.

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