Refrigerant economizer option available for Lambda DX CRAC units

Date: 14 January 2021
 Refrigerant economizer option available for Lambda DX CRAC units
 Refrigerant economizer option available for Lambda DX CRAC units
Kaltra is set to launch its Lambda DX precision air conditioning system employing pumped refrigerant economizer. Lambda DX combines direct expansion operation during warmer ambient temperatures and refrigerant economizer mode during cooler temperatures, resulting in a reduction in annual power consumption for the system.

When outdoor ambient temperatures are low enough, the system runs an integrated pump to circulate refrigerant instead of operating the compressors. The refrigerant pump requires only a small fraction of energy used by the compressors, allowing for reduced power consumption in annual operation. As the ambient temperature rises, the Lambda DX system transitions to compressor operation.

Equipped with a pumped refrigerant option, the Lambda DX system provides significant efficiency advantages over traditional direct expansion air conditioners, as to yield the same cooling capacity, refrigerant pump consumes about 5% of the energy needed for compressors.

The system control adjusts the point of economization based on actual cooling demand, thus maximizing economization hours. Mixed compressor/pump operating mode available for two-circuit Lambda air conditioners.

In pumped refrigerant mode, the refrigerant temperature is controlled by regulating the fan speed of the condenser. In this case, fan speed control changes from pressure control to temperature control.

With pumped refrigerant economizer, Lambda DX represents the industry’s most efficient and flexible room-level direct expansion cooling solution, most suitable for data center and other IT cooling applications, as well as for any mission-critical cooling applications.
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