Refrigeration Project in "Marketplace by Rustan’s" from FREOR

Date: 07 July 2018
San Juan city in the Philippines has an exclusive shopping center – ‘Salton Town Plaza’. Created with a deep thought of promoting quality business and modern lifestyle, this center gathers brands that share the same idea. One of them is ‘Marketplace by Rustan`s’ store, equipped with FREOR`s Hydroloop cooling system and refrigeration display cabinets. The store stands out for its carefully selected high-quality products from top international and local brands as well as for a thoughtful store layout. High-quality FREOR refrigeration equipment was chosen to ensure the best product preservation and to provide a convenient shopping experience for store’s customers. The equipment installed
  • Open-front multidecks JUPITER (5 units) with integrated Dual Air Curtain system. Since open cabinets generate higher sales rate and provide better visibility compared to closed cabinets, it is important that customers do not experience uncomfortable chilly temperature in front of the refrigerator. Air curtain prevents cold air escaping product display area and protects from the inlet of warm ambient air into the multideck, ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Serve-over refrigerated cases DIONA QB LG / HG(5 units) and DIONA QB H1 (3 units) with additional rows of shelves for a more effective eye-caching display.
  • Heated DIONA QB counter for hot meals display has complemented the refrigerated counter line.
  • Vertical freezers ERIDA (3 units) ensure stable maintenance of frozen products at the store.
All refrigeration equipment is connected to a Hydroloop system – an alternative to the remote refrigeration system, which is based on glycol circulated loop. It is a quite simple, yet very reliable system, requiring only continual circulation of glycol liquid in a closed-cycle system, which is ensured with a water pump. [gallery link="file" ids="13419,13420,13421,13422,13423,13418"]
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