Refurbished COOP Compact store – energy efficient refrigeration solutions

Date: 08 June 2018
A grocery store in Nederhemert city in the Netherlands has been reopened as a ‘COOP Compact’ store after refurbishing. The renewed store has chosen FREOR refrigeration equipment as well as Hydroloop refrigeration system, which was installed by FREOR`s official partner in the region – ‘Koelservice van Tol’.

Energy-efficient refrigeration solutions

All the refrigerated display cases were chosen to operate on environmentally-friendly refrigerant propane (R290) which is more energy-efficient than HFCs. The display units were equipped with inverter compressors which allow additional energy savings. The inverter technology adjusts the rotation speed per demand and makes propane cooling even more energy-efficient. At daytime compressors emit more power to ensure stable set point temperature, at nighttime energy consumption is reduced to a minimum; therefore significant energy savings can be achieved. In ‘COOP Compact’ store all the display cases are connected to a FREOR Hydroloop system, – a glycol circulated closed loop, which allows the residual heat to be discharged outside if not needed, or to be used for the store and warehouse heating. So the excess heat is under control according to store needs. Hydro-aggregates manufactured by FREOR were also installed for cold rooms, connected to the same glycol circuit.

Chosen R290 refrigeration equipment  

For ‘COOP Compact’ store refrigeration needs ‘Koelservice van Tol’ has installed the following FREOR display cases
  • Multidecks JUPITER LOW FRONT for vegetables, dairy and meat products, 11,65 meters
  • Self-service counter DIONA S H2 with two display levels for meat products refrigeration, 3.80 meters
  • Vertical freezer cabinet ERIDA, 4.8 meter
  • Horizontal island freezer LEDA R290, 2×2,5 meter – first freezer in its class working autonomously with propane as a refrigerant.

Remote control

The entire installation is connected to a control room, which means that the malfunctions are reported to our partner, and the adjustments can be controlled remotely. For automatic control, Carel control system is used.

Benefits of implemented refrigeration solutions

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 (propane
  • 25 % more energy-efficient than R404A remote installations.
  • 97 % less chance of refrigerant leakage.
  • 80 % less refrigerant is needed.
  • 30 % lower investment costs compared to CO2 installation
  • Heat recovery system possible.
  • High quality and durability of a product.
  • Low noise level
COOP chain store works in energy-saving mode. Store only uses 100 % ‘green’ electricity, energy-efficient furniture and batteries, LED lighting. All frozen products are stored in enclosed freezers to optimize refrigeration performance, as it usually accounts for most of the energy consumption of the store. [gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="12848,12849,12850,12851"]

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